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Volunteering with UCM is a wonderful way to directly help your community! Over 40 volunteers give their time each week in the pantry and at the front desk. Volunteering at UCM is meaningful, and fun!

We are open 10am - 3pm on Monday, Thursday and Friday; Tuesday 12:30pm-5pm; and Wednesday 10am-12:30pm. We have occasional special projects outside of these hours.

For more information, or to volunteer, please click here! 

(Please note which days and times you can work.  We are open 10am-3pm Mon/Thu/Fri, 12:30pm-5pm Tuesday, and 10am-12:30pm Wednesday.)


If you are a WCU student and are interested in becoming an intern, please visit WCU's Internship page and click on JobCat. UCM's "Outreach Assistant" application is in JobCat. For others interested in an internship, please email us.